Infertility and Miscarriage in the Media: Fiction Books, TV, Movies

Infertility, miscarriage, motherhood are found throughout all forms of media - tv, movies, books. 

When I find a show or read a book with these themes - I'll review them here.

Let me know if you find these themes in the media - I love to see it.

The more we talk about miscarriage and infertility, the more we realize how common it is. We find we're not alone and we can shatter the stigma of isolation and guilt surrounding the struggle to complete a family.


Looking for a summer beach read with a little substance? I recommend ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ by Celeste Ng 

On the surface, its the story of a perfect little town with wealth, rules, and predictability that gets rocked by a few unpredictable characters. At its core it’s theme is a reflection on the question: What defines motherhood?

It’s got surrogacy, adoption, unplanned motherhood, infertility, miscarriage, teenage pregnancy, and women defining themselves through their children and not themselves. Celeste Ng’s description of recurrent miscarriage is spot on “she’d gotten pregnant right away. And the, a few weeks later, she’d begun bleeding, and she knew even then the baby was gone. “Very common,” the doctor has reassured her. “Half of all pregnancies end in the firs few weeks. Most women don’t even know they’d conceived.” But Mrs. McCullough has known, and three months later, when it happened again, and again four months after that, she had been painfully aware each time that something alive had sparked in her, and that somehow that little spark had gone out.”

I can see why Reese Witherspoon put it on her book list recommendation and I’m looking forward to seeing Reece and Kerry Washington in the characters on an upcoming Hulu series!