Lovely children’s book on egg donation by Julie Marie and illustrated by Ashley Lucas. 

“Mommy and Daddy got married and wished for a baby. After trying many ways, the doctor had a bright idea of something new we could try. A special lady called a donor gave us a very special gift of an egg. The doctor combined the donor’s egg with Daddy’s seed and transferred it to Mommy’s tummy and our wish for you came true.’

This is a book designed to read with a child to discuss egg donation at a young age. I like that the process of egg donation is presented as a gift because it truly is a precious gift. The characters are traditional ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ and not all anatomical terms are used (tummy instead of uterus). Simple, colorful illustrations and a wonderful way to introduce  egg donation to a young child!

I’m so glad books like this are available!!