Books on Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is currently one of the most controversial topics in my field. Some call it the next greatest thing in women's liberation since the birth control pill and others warn against it due to high cost and unknown future outcomes. Since ASRM lifted the experimental label on egg freezing, clinics worldwide and social media have been a buzz about this fertility preservation method for anyone not ready to have a baby for any reason. It can be an empowering, liberating option for women but 1) it is not for everyone and 2) it cannot guarantee a baby in the future. These books delve into this exciting and controversial topic.


In Her Own Sweet Time: Egg Freezing and The Frontiers of Family by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, 2016

Description: Rachel Ledgard takes us with her on her journey towards motherhood from single and exploring egg freezing at age 36 in 2006 Manhattan at one of the first egg freezing parties  to conceiving with a home insemination on a houseboat in Sausalito, California at age 42. She lived through the egg freezing revolution and reflects on a generation of women in their 30s and 40s who have successful careers and fulfilling lives but face the harsh reality that their own fertility is limited. Advanced reproductive technology allows for more family building options today than ever before. Through interviewing a variety of people from the doctors that inventing egg freezing in Italy to a woman who became a single mom of twins at age 46 in Dallas and the author's personal reflections, the reader will take away a whole new perspective on what it means to build a family in 2016. 

Dr. Shahine says: This is a great read for anyone exploring their own fertility and considering egg freezing, donor egg, donor sperm, and all family building options. I have counseled many women in similar situations as Rachel: ready to have a family or not but nervous about missing the opportunity to do so because they haven't found the right partner. This book may provide comfort in knowing there are many women in similar positions facing similar decisions.


Eggs Unscrambled: Egg Freezing, Fertility, and the Truth about Your Reproductive Years

Description: The book is a self-described 'girlfriend's guide to everything you need to know about your reproductive years' but it's more than that. It's Agnes' personal journey through fertility treatments during marriage and egg freezing after divorce, an educational guide to reproductive facts, a raw look at the egg freezing industry, and more. 

Dr. Shahine says: This is a must read for anyone considering egg freezing or wants to learn more about the process. Agnes goes through the history of egg freezing from the first baby born in 1986 to ASRM's lift of the experimental label for the egg freezing technology in 2012 which opened the flood gates for IVF clinics to offer the service. She walks through the emotional impact of deciding to freeze eggs, she gives lists of pros and cons of options including being a single mom (turns out there are more pros). She sheds light on the limitations of egg freezing and the fact that although this is a hot topic and empowering option for women, that women freezing eggs now are trailblazers and we will not truly know success rates until this egg freezing generation comes back to use them. She sheds light on the realities of the business aspect of it like egg freezing brokers, IVF clinics, and venture capitalists getting into the industry. She empowers women to learn more about their options and gives solid tips like the importance of finding a clinic with experience in not only freezing eggs but warming, fertilizing, and successful live births with frozen eggs. Only wish for more references - some of the facts listed are slightly different that how I counsel my patients and I would have loved to have the references to review.